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International Product Sourcing

Business plan for outsourcing services, manufacturing, and products overseas.

Sourcing decisions are based on current markets, competitiveness, supply chains, and trade preferences. We also offer systematic sourcing structure and service.

  • Discover new products and suppliers.
  • Appropriate manufacturer for the products.
  • Before each order, there is an examination and vetting.
  • Samples used before production and quality control
  • Price negotiations for the product
  • Simple and measurable terms for payments
  • Trade assurances and contracts
  • Transfer of currency abroad
  • Packaging examination
  • Certificates of Testing, if required.
  • Secure shipping to the logistics and warehouse 
  • Post-purchase services

Procurement transformation and advice

Business expansion through strategic analysis of the value of procurement sources.

Managing third-party risks

Utilize VRM to manage vendor risk in real-time and minimize it.

Services in sourcing

By sourcing through efficient channels, customers can lower costs. The customers can organize their suppliers and buy high-quality products. In addition, data-driven product decisions improve service standards and ongoing development.

Planning, marketing, and strategy for international business

Services for Business Analytics

Research, analysis, and thought to advance and achieve results in business. Increased output and decreased risk.

Marketing and Branding

Build a customer-centric brand strategy that goes far beyond brand communications by aligning the brand strategy and marketing of the customers with their business goals and combining hard metrics with strategies and analytics.

Consider the pricing paradox.

The level of company profit is determined by pricing, but many businesses under-develop it. The right price can be set, the customers can get it, and they can take advantage of revenue opportunities by developing dynamic pricing capabilities by knowing the costs and the distribution methods.

Business Solution

Find quick, specific customized strategies and solutions and operational improvements that can strengthen go-to-market strategy and underperforming sales organizations of the customers.

Business strategies for firms entering or growing in foreign markets

Conduct market research to identify target markets that fit business strategy, current product mix, and customer culture.

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