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Private labelling, product development, favourable payment terms, complete inspection, and individualized logistical solutions for smaller shipments are just some of the services we offer to facilitate importing from China. Unlike most other agencies, we have a warehouse staffed by full-time employees, allowing us to inspect quality and package products efficiently.

How We Grow The Customer's Business?

We are more than just a China sourcing agent; we are committed to becoming a long-term partner of our clients. Our services are adapted to meet the unique needs of each client.

  • E-commerce/Small Business: If customers purchase a product, we will help them locate a factory to mass-produce the products, design unique packaging, and realize their vision for the brand. All of the needs in online trade can be met by us.
  • Medium to Large Business: Businesses with annual purchasing volumes over a certain threshold and requiring a broad selection of products qualify for our preferential service rates, credit terms, and dedicated staff to help them expand.
  • Product Development: Customers who have a product idea and the means to manufacture it but lack the know-how to get started on commercialization can rely on our product development services to see them through every stage of the process, from the initial concept to the finished product.

Competitive Prices 

Among the top ways, we help clients become competitive is by assisting them in securing competitive pricing. Many sourcing companies quote excessively high product prices to bring in new customers despite charging low service fees. We are open about our pricing and welcome customers to shop around to find the best deal possible.

Commitment to Our Customers

Because we are looking to build lasting relationships with our customers, we give them our full attention, even if they only need a few Automobile Tyres, Decorative Wallpaper, Solar Outdoor Lights, etc. If our customers receive defective products, we will compensate them and help them recover more quickly than they would from other Chinese suppliers or sourcing agents.

Proficient Sourcing Team

Many of our staff members have extensive experience sourcing various goods from China. Most sourcing industry competitors have smaller teams specializing in fewer areas.

Special Services for Expanding Businesses

For businesses on a larger scale or experiencing rapid expansion, we provide various supplementary services, such as a dedicated team, credit payment terms following product receipt, and more.

We Work in Easy Steps

  • Customers can tell us what they are looking for, and we will manufacture it for them, whether it is Artificial Plants, Decorative Wallpapers, Virgin Hair, or something else entirely. 
  • Our representative know the customer price quotes in up to two business days. After that, we will have them review sample products and verify that they are up to snuff with what they were hoping for.
  • Before placing a large order, double-check the specifics. Our professionals are responsible for communicating with the clients, monitoring production, and ensuring the highest quality of the final product.
  • We offer warehousing services, quality assurance checks, and nationwide delivery via courier, sea, or air.

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